Why You Want Liposomal Vitamin C Supplements - What to Know

With an insane amount of different supplements available on the market, you are probably wondering what the best ones are for your body. These come in various forms, with the most common being ingestible ones that bring nutrients straight into your body through the digestive system. 

The traditional vitamin supplementary pills are known to be somewhat effective, but the best part is that there are new kinds of cutting-edge supplements that are now even better. Improving upon the transportation system used by decades-old pharmaceutical methods, liposomal dietary supplements are quite new and now better than the average vitamin pill.

Here are some reasons to choose liposomal pills to transport supplements to your body:

They protect the important ingredients throughout the transportation process

Our stomachs are developed to deal with a plethora of food items and liquids being ingested, which is why the environment within is quite volatile and harsh. What we eat needs to be broken down for nutrient absorption and then eventually flushed out through the digestive tract. 

This is why many supplements do not fully fulfill their deliveries of vitamins and minerals. The harshness of the stomach can damage active ingredients in most supplements, which the phospholipids in the liposomes can mask in order to complete the delivery.

Phospholipid coatings can also reduce osmotic side effects that high doses of vitamins and minerals can bring. They also aid the absorption of active substances by avoiding the liver passage that filters out ingredients through rerouting them directly into the bloodstream via the lymphatic system. 

This newer method of vitamin delivery can ensure that you get the most out of the supplements you take, as some products may just be a waste of money when they are just flushed out.

Why you should opt for Liposomal Vitamin C over traditional Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an integral part of our daily health, as it deals with collagen synthesis, energy levels, and metabolism, as well as the immune system’s ability to deal with illnesses. Not only does it provide the body with nutrients, but it also provides strength for your cells to fight cellular stress. Despite being harmless in large concentrations, the issue is that most vitamin C is excreted from the body quickly. Having a large dose of it causes the body to just expel the excess vitamin molecules, which defeats the purpose of taking them in the first place. 

With a strong phospholipid coating, Liposomal Vitamin C can combat the body’s traditional reaction to vitamin C. Because of this, the full effects of the vitamin are absorbed into the blood, causing better results through absorption. This gives you the full range of benefits you would want to receive from your supplements, with less wasted energy and nutrients. 

When loading your body with higher doses of vitamins and minerals, consider liposomal versions of the traditional products. These have been known to bypass harsh filtering that is caused by the body’s natural reactions. Most vitamins are safe even in higher dosages, so there is not much to worry about overdosing like traditional pharmaceuticals are known for. 


The body has so many processes that keep our systems running, and the immune system is what keeps us healthy and energized daily. When supplementing it with vitamin C, be sure to choose products that make their full delivery possible to avoid excreting them prematurely. 

At Canetic Health, we are purveyors of cutting-edge liposomal products that are known to be even better for your body than other supplements on the market. Choose better results and products by choosing Canetic Health for your daily dietary supplement needs. 

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